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The domain, HAZARD.COM, is a premium domain available for purchase. We are also including the redirecting domain HAZARD.MOBI in the sale. For serious inquiries contact us to arrange purchase through a mutually acceptable escrow service like (~2%commission).  Based upon several fair market appraisals the price is $450,000.00

You may contact Cocoa Village Publishing direct or use below form using the 'OTHER' field.  Note we will continue to accept and honor existing advertising in the interim and reimburse any advance payments upon sale.
This website has a lot of traffic from persons who need information from material safety data sheets. It is a simple quick web site adhering to the "kiss" principle and used regularly by many businesses and government agencies. NOTE, is also pointing to same information.

Size & Type Advertising/Sponsorhip:

Traditionally advertisers/sponsors have participated in a rotating banner with additional links.  At request other ways of sponsoring have been considered.  For economy we added a text only option that would not be in the rotating banner but on same pages,  and for extra sponsorship some secondary pages have allowed extra advertising, call for negotiating for this option.


Text link on front and index page w/o banner

1 month
3 months
6 months
1 year
$ 100.00
$ 287.50
$ 550.00
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(be sure to also fill out form below or call us for what to put on link - the paypal only takes payment, not link info)


Text about company and ROTATING Square Button Ad equivalent or less in size with a maximum limit of ten or less advertisers.
We reserve the right to review artwork due to the authors request that ads not be flashing rapidly, nor otherwise distracting, and that the ads load fast. We may can accommodate additional banner sizes upon review.

Example of a square size: square 125 x 125 pixels
125 x 125 Pixels
(Square Button)
The rates for the front page banner ads:
1 month
3 months
6 months
1 year
$ 125.00
$ 356.00
$ 675.00
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(be sure to also fill out form below or call us for what to put on link - the paypal only takes payment, not link info)

Secondary Page:

The rates for Secondary Page Footer:

per month
$ 500.00
This option is to be negotiatged.  Participant would be in rotating banner, and have content on mutually acceptable secondary, not front nor index, web page have information on bottom of page.  What is on the page and how it is displayed will require mutual acceptance


A inquiry expressed a concern about statistics of the site and the information on this page was dated.  We have removed claims of statistics from this page.  This website is a worthy website and if you wish to advertise to support this free for research website that was begun in 1997, that is appreciated.



Payment may be by credit card, paypal, digital currencies, check or money order payable to "Cocoa Village Publishing, Inc.". We may be contacted by email at, by phone at 321-252-8133 or by postal mail at:

Cocoa Village Publishing, Inc.
105 Forrest Ave. PMB#507
Cocoa, FL. 32922

Please contact us for verification of size, price, location and details
Prices subject to change.


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If you are interested, a human will go over details with you. We can put up the sponsored link and if agreed by both after review your payment can be made by online invoice or other methods mutually acceptable. To be contacted you may email us at, call 321-252-8133, or fill out this form.

The act of contacting us by form or other means does not commit either party to purchase.


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