Cocoa Village Publishing


Advertising with Websites

Advertising with websites can and should be more than just promoting by having your own website and waiting for someone to find it.  You can promote your website by banner advertising on other websites, advertising on search engines, having a portal on you site to encourage frequent revisits, etc... 


Banners on Websites
We can arrange for advertising on web sites we manage and broker on your behalf for others.

If you have a web page that provides timely information to a niche market, you may be able to even persuade visitors to make it their default, home,  web page for their web browser.  If you are considering this approach, we are available to discuss the merit and feasibility of you supporting.

Search Engines
Besides being listed on a search engine, you may consider paying for emphasized listings and banner ads to display by keywords, etc...  We can provide consultation on this advertising approach.