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Cocoa Village Publishing

cvpub-logo_websitelogo.gifCocoa Village Publishing, P.O. Box 951, Cocoa FL 32923
Phone: +1.321.252.8133, contact form: /us/contact

We design, integrate and maintain Information
solutions from publishing to Internet commerce.

About Us
We are located in the historic downtown of Cocoa Florida, know as Cocoa Village. We are active in our local community and also publish local periodicals. A correspondence form that uses image verification to prevent spam is available at /us/contact

We provide information services that arise from our support of information for marketing, e-commerce, development projects and internet connectivity.

Marketing on the Internet is similar and different to traditional advertising. Your information can be made for distribution physically and also available for download as portable document format, pdf, or the information can be displayed as web pages, html. You need to get your information in front of the customer, whether as a hard copy catalog, electronic brochure, or interactive website. We can help you with your plans for traditional and non-traditional methods to promote your information.

E - Commerce
Your brochures, catalogs and company information can be published on dedicated information servers. The interactive nature of electronic commerce allows you to ask customers for information and process sales while they are viewing your information. Also arrangements can be made for purchase by credit card, digital gold, other payment methods, and outsourcing fulfillment.

The development of custom information technology has become affordable with the software projects and software tools available from open source