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Whitelist Request


You may have been referred to this web page because your email was blocked by the relay IP address or content. If you were blocked by IP address, we may be able to add that address to a 'whitelist.' If you were blocked by SpamAssassin score, you may try changing what is in your email and resending.

Please note that we can "whitelist" your email relay IP address to only the email servers we support, however we may be able to direct you to where you can get off other international black lists.  Please fill out the following form or call with the error or rejection message including the IP address.

Note that if the rejection was due to SpamAssassin score, it was because the email had text or other features that resembled spam, for example it may have included links to websites with Internet addresses listed by Spamhaus:

It is extremely important to include information like your email relay. If you don't tell us your email relay, the IP address we rejected, we can't investigate that IP address for nominating to our white list.

You can call us at 1-321-252-8133, or send correspondence with the form on this pages that requires typing the characters in the image

It is imperative to include as much relevant infromation as possilbe along with an explanation of why you are requesting action.  For example if you had an email rejection message, do include the  full header or error message, it can help identify what filters and which servers may need adjusting.... So paste the error message that directed you here, including the error code, And any other pertinent details: example"  550 dictspamauto- Your email relayed by x.x.x.x, was rejected dueto recent spam, *****"
It is imperative you use a real email address as the 'from' because fake email addresses may be rejected by sms messaging services.
This question is for testing to block malicious automated submissions.