Cocoa Village Publishing




We design, integrate and maintain information solutions, and we can apply the same knowledge and experience to your custom needs.

  • Wide area and Local area Networking
  • Network Adminstration
  • Computer System Adminstration
  • Information Servers
  • Internet Applications
  • Software Applications
  • Security
  • and computer migration, repair and disinfecting


The following pricing is subject to change and is listed here for example.  A minimum increment of time will be charged per incident typically one hour minimum and 15 minute increments if in vicinity and during typical business hours.

  • Work similar to layout of provided content in applications like Adobe Indesign, Framemaker, and Illustrator, and work similar to social media changes
    is assigned a rate of $85 per professional hour.
  • Work similar to data entry, web page development,
    layout of provided information is assigned a rate of $110.00 per professional hour.

  • Software and Computer workstation installations and repairs, Surveillance systems, IP cameras are
    assigned a rate of $150.00 per professional hour.

  • Server, Networking and Infrastructure work including unix system administration 
    are assigned a rate of $200.00 per professional hour.

  • Enterprise Consulting including large scale planning for information, software, electrical and mechanical technologies
    are assigned a rate of $250.00 per professional hour.

Our rates can be discounted for recurring work with advance payment and agreement signed by both parties in advance. (retainer)