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Electronic Commerce is the conduct of commerce in goods and services, with the assistance of telecommunications. The details of the purchase can suggest how much or how little of the commerce should be facilitated with the Internet.

A great many acquisitions, by corporations and by individuals alike, involve relatively small amounts of money. A common implementation for this type of e-commerce is a "shopping cart" The common method for receiving payment for these types of purchases is credit cards; however other payment methods are in usage that are similar like paypal / google wallet which can work with credit cards and very different like digital gold currency which uses fungible bearer instruments or more exotic methods like bitcoins.


For business to business and other situations involving major acquisitions a deliberation process is usually involved. It may not be appropriate to close and decide payment methods over the Internet in all situations; however a web site can be used to do the pre-contractual phase and facilitate the logistics, settlement and post-processing phases of the purchase.

We can review the different presentations and payment methods to see which fit your needs; purchase order, credit, debit, bearer instruments or other.


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