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Search Engine Optimization


Now you have a website, just like any published catalog, you will need to promote the web site so people know about it. You can use traditional advertising and/or you can use other web sites to direct potential customers to your website. A very common way to find websites is to lookup a website based upon category and keywords on a website typically called a "search engine." To be listed on a search engine you may need to submit your website. To improve how you list you may need to both advertise with the search engine and improve the ranking of your listing. To improve your ranking you may want to consider the following:

Bait Web Pages
We can create HTML "doorway pages" based on keywords and details about your business that are supplied by you. The pages are optimized for a search engine using the web site's unique "personality.

Cross Links
Some search engines improve ranking by how often your website is referenced by other websites. We can create crosslinks on our websites and promote them so your website has more crosslinks.

We lease specialized commercial software packages that we use to frequently submit web pages to up to 1000 generalized search engines. Please note that many search engines request separate payment to reduce time and improve submission chances.

We have a specialized commercial software package that checks a site's positions on major search engines to determine a site's rank in all the TOP engines for each search keyword or phrase.