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About Us

cvpub-logo_websitelogo.gifP.O. Box 951, Cocoa Florida 32923

phone +1.321-252-8133

Note to our customers, when the landlord sold the building we leased for many years with no warning this year, we let go the office that was rarely used and moved it into storage.  The vast majority of our interaction is either over the internet or at the customer's place of business so we are waiting to see if we need the expense of a store front.  The address on this page is a personal mail box at Cocoa Village Storage.  Call us for an appointment and we can still meet in person.

We design, integrate and maintain information technology including paper books to content managed websites.

Upon your request we can write for you a custom proposal to do all or part of your Internet needs by taking on as little or as much of the responsibility as you would like.

A correspondence form with image verification is available here:


Acceptable Use
The Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") sets forth the principles that govern the use by customers of the systems, services and products provided by Cocoa Village Publishing ("Company"). The AUP has been created to promote the integrity, security, reliability and privacy of Company's systems and networks.

The privacy policy covers how Cocoa Village Publishing treats personal information that Cocoa Village Publishing collects and receives.

Product Refund
The purchase of physical goods or intellectual goods presented as products are considered as products and are covered under our product refund policy.

Service Termination
Services like Internet Access, web site hosting, book layout, and web site publishing are not considered products and are covered under termination policy.

We also design, integrate and maintain open source IT solutions including the programming to web enable information and hosting for Web Servers, SQL Servers, FTP Servers, Mail List Servers and more.

We use Open Source Server Software solutions.