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Domain Registration

Cocoa Village Publishing is an authorized reseller of domain registration for TUCOWS/OPENSRS, however we can provide consultation for you to register a domain name with other registrars providing that the registrar has adequately documented procedures.

OpenSRS Retail Pricing:

For our customers that pay in advance for hosting Internet Services we renew the base domain name annually at no additional cost. For your domain names you can arrange to have the name registered for up to a maximum of ten years into the future according to the ICANN policy.

We do have customers who purchase additional registrations or registration only.  As a reseller for OpenSRS as of Summer 2017 for domain registrations not included in a package we are adjusting our prices to be $13 more than the OpenSRS wholesale price with a compounding discount of a dollar for each additional year paid in advance up to a maximum of ten years in advance.  For example if registering and additional name or separate from hosting and the OpenSRS wholesale price is $11/year (.com) then our retail price is 11+13 = $24 year but, with a discount of one dollar for each additional year purchased  (ten years in advance would be $195.00 = 24+23+22+21+20+19+18+17+16+15).*

OpenSRS website with wholesale pricing:
(note, wholesale prices do not include transactions fees, volume requirements, operational and other misc. costs thus the retail price is greater)

Note that registrars that we represent provide agreements that the customer is responsible to understand and agree when participating in domain registration with the registrar.


Q. Is your service automated, do I have to fill out a form somewhere to use your service?
A. No, pick the phone and call us or message us and we as humans will answer the questions and enter the necessary information and changes on your behalf. We made the decision to use the KISS approach and not automate everything. Takes a little more effort, but avoids the problems that automation can cause.

Q. Why use a TUCOWS/OPENSRS reseller like you to register or renew domain names?
A. Tucows/Opensrs has a good reputation and they are an accredited registrar, they support their resellers efficiently and promptly without long holds, they use open source solutions, you can go direct to their simple web interfaces to change information and if the need arises you can request to switch resellers while keeping the same registrar.

Q. Why does it cost more than some other registrars?
A. Sometimes the wholesale cost of using Tucows/Opensrs to the reseller is more than some discount registrar sites offer, so our retail cost has to be more. We have considered signing up to resell for some discount registers, but decided not to because the support was not adequate in many cases (many discounted registrars don't have a phone listed, or you get busy signals, on hold and no return to messages left at their voice mail) and in the past we have assisted customers who have had unsavory experiences with their domains that were registered by bulk discount registrars and had to resort to legal action to correct. Sometime you get what you pay for.

Q. Could we become a reseller myself for Opensrs/Tucows and avoid the added retailing fee?
A. Why yes you can, but do you really want that overhead? If you have a few names, definitely not. The answer may be yes if your company needs to support a lot of domain names, outsource some of your support and you want direct access for your MIS or computer department. You will need to meet some minimum requirements, fill out a lot of paperwork, properly post your resellers information for public viewing, and probably put down a monetary deposit to qualify. For a nominal consulting fee we can help you set up this service internally. Call or contact us if this is something you are interested in.

Q. I used a different registrar, can you still support me?
A. Yes in most cases, however we could not directly handle billing for the name on your behalf, to make changes on your behalf we would need appropriate authorization granted, and if excessive labor is involved in making changes for that registrars settings we would need to ask for a nominal labor fee.

Domain Registration Limitations:

  • Domain names use only letters, numbers, or hyphen ("-")
  • Cannot begin or end with a hyphen
  • .com, .net, .org and .info domain names should not exceed 67 characters total and may not be accepted if so by registration services.
  • .info must have at least 3 characters not including .info
  • Domain names are not case sensitive
  • Domain names cannot include spaces

For more information:

Classic Domains that have been in use for a long time and viewers will be familiar with are listed below. We recommend when possible to reserve a *.com name because most viewers are familiar with that naming way.

us, biz, com, info, name, net, org

.us is the country code top level domain name (ccTLD) designated for the United States of America.  It was established in 1985. The registry is operated by an American company, in the United States and overseen by the Department of Commerce.

.biz is a restricted gTLD approved by ICANN in 2001. The .biz TLD is the first TLD dedicated to the needs of businesses worldwide. In order to register a .biz domain the registry requires that the site be used for business purposes.

.info is a gTLD approved by ICANN in late 2000. The .info TLD is not restricted by purpose

.com is an existing gTLD that was around before the creation of ICANN. The name was originally intended for commercial usage, but is now commonly used for any purpose and is not restricted.

.net is an existing gTLD that was around before the creation of ICANN. The name was originally intended for technical usage like networks, but is now commonly used and is not restricted by purpose.

.org is an existing gTLD that was around before the creation of ICANN. The name was originally intended for usage by organizations, but is now commonly used and is not restricted by purpose.

.name A generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) that became available in January 2002, designed specifically for individuals. .name is a  space on the Internet that provides people with the ability to create their own digital online identities.

WHOIS is a tool that is used to look up records in a Registrar database. Each record within the Registrar database has a "handle" (a unique identifier assigned to it), a name, a record type, and various other fields. The WHOIS service provides a means for searching on these specific fields.

To use WHOIS for a domain search, simply type in the domain you are looking for. This domain must be a second-level domain, for example "". Domains with a "www" or third-level domains like "" are not contained within WHOIS. The default action for WHOIS is to only search for domain records, however you can do other types of searches by using specific keywords.

If the domain you are searching for is not contained within the Registrar's WHOIS database, WHOIS should access the Shared Registry System and the WHOIS services of other remote Registrars to satisfy the domain name search.

A note about WHOIS:
With the new shared registration system model, the nature of the WHOIS server has changed. Traditionally, the InterNIC maintained the WHOIS server for .com, .net and .org domain names, and a single query returned full whois data including registrant, administrative contact, billing contact, technical contact, and nameserver information. Under the new system, the registry WHOIS simply contains information on which Registrar is authoritative for a given domain.

*prices are subject to change without notification and due to the possibility of publication errors or industry changes, the prices are not guaranteed prior to purchase.

For pricing of $24 annual with compounded one dollar discount the price for one to ten years is as follows:
one year in advance = $24.00
two years in advance = 24+23 = $47.00
three years in advance = 47+22 = $69.00
four years in advance = 69+21 = $90.00
five years in advance = 90+20 = $110.00
six years in advance = 110+19 = $129.00
seven years in advance = 129+18 = $147.00
eight years in advance = 147+17 = $164.00
nine years in advance = 164+16 = $180.00
ten years in advance = 180+15 = $195.00