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Free photo editor and free scalable vector graphics programs

With these two programs you can accomplish most of your
light weight needs for image editinga nd scalable vector graphics:


Irfanview -

Many have used this program to open tiff images and modest editing.  HOWEVER this program can do basic editing like resize, crop, rescale, adjust contrast, adjust intensity and even save to PDF.   

Some free audio video programs for windows

If you need to put some audio up on a website from a cdrom or video from a DVD it will take a few steps.   You will need to convert to a digital file like mp3 for audio and mp4 for video.  You may also note want the entire file and may want to trim part of it or clip out a few minutes of the video for example.  Here are some notes on a couple free programs to handle audio and video from disc to digital on a windows platform.


Get tracks from an audio cd and convert to mp3


Top Scientist Argues Gravity Is 'An Illusion'


wrap your mind around this link....


Top Scientist Argues Gravity Is 'An Illusion' 

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